Uninhabited Aqoura

Mystical Winter

On the Aqoura road to Bekaa, there's absolutely nothing but hills of snow. No towns, no houses, no people.

We parked somewhere on the winding road, wore our snowshoes, climbed to the top of a hill and took a rest.

Snowy hills cascaded as far as the eye can see.

It's rare to see an vast area in Lebanon without any construction in between. The mountains in front of us extended all the way back to Tannourine.

We climbed further up to the peak, and then hiked along the crest.

The hills on the northern side led directly to the mountains of Kfardebian.

On our way down, we took a shortcut that turned out to be a very steep slope. But it gave way to an incredible scene of intermingling hills.

Towards the end of day, the soft light revealed unique purple shades over patterns of hills.

We had finished our hike, but stuck around to enjoy the natural feast before we headed back.

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