Cedars of God

Mystical Winter

We woke up early in Becharre to the sun rising behind Arz mountains.

Chbat hotel has a very pleasant terrace. It's enough to just stand there and enjoy the surroundings.

After breakfast, we headed up to Arz and were entertained by the colorful skiers.

The deserted mountains from last night were now filled with people overtaking all sorts of challenges.

After a short hike along the mountain, we headed downwards to Arz el Rab, or Cedars of God.

Apparently the cedars reserve closes in winter, but we couldn't resist the urge to enter the oldest cedar forest in Lebanon.

Some trees had snow filling the base trunks, creating the shape of a wedding dress.

At the very center of the forest, on top of a small hill, a gigantic cedar reigns.

Since this forest only contains cedar trees, patterns of their similar branches emerged.

Eventually, a man from his balcony asked us to leave since the forest is closed. Luckily, we had already explored most of it.

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