Chouf Winterland

Mystical Winter

Faisal and I headed up on a trip to Chouf, towards the very top at the Barouk Cedar Reserve. We had to make a long detour because the main road was icy.

It had been raining the week before, so the snow was fresh and the trees were white.

We didn't wear snowshoes, but since the trail was not steeply inclined, our shoes did not dig into the snow as we hiked.

We found our way through a dense area of trees to have our Narnia moment. It really felt like winterland.

When we reached the higher areas of the reserve, we were able to see just how expansive this reserve is.

Not only does Barouk occupy a huge area, but also the trees are tightly packed to each other.

Hiking along the cedars right after a snow storm proved that cedars can withstand harsh weather all while holding stacks of snow on their branches.

The fog started rolling in, so I could start observing how nature plays with light.

We could see fresh snowshoe-prints of one person along the way, but other than that we were alone in the reserve.

The variety between baby cedars and momma cedars, and their branches extending over the trail provided plenty of framing possibilities.

The day approached its end, so the light started hitting the reserve differently, and many trees were thrown in the shade.

As we reached the car at sunset, the neighboring towns of Chouf showed in the distance.

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