Christmas in Lebanon

Mystical Winter

Lebanon often cuts costs on essential amenities, but Christmas decoration is not one of them. And this year is by far the one where the country obsessed the most over festive lights.


Bikfaya is known for its Christmas fair, where lights decorate the huge trees all along the main road.

The kiosks varied from food to hot wine and a variety of Christmas gift ideas.

I spotted Santa's laundry drying up, just in time for Christmas.


The nativity scene in Rabweh is drawn by light, and it's my favorite. Its location is right in front of the forest, and Beirut shows in the distance.

Christmas balls appear to be sliding off in Rabweh's creative tree.


Byblos is famous for Christmas decorations, and this year's tree is gorgeous.

Metallic tubes were laid on top of each other. The lights point downward from the tube ends, emphasizing on the three-dimensional effect.

A woman wearing a veil and her fiancé are taking wedding photos, as Byblos embraces unity for Christmas.

Beautiful Christmas decoration lights up the ruins along one of the world's oldest cities.


From beginning to end, Hamra street is illuminated by string lights.

The whole scene in Hamra changes over Christmas, except for traffic of course.

A child wore Santa Claus and walked through the street while ringing the bell.

Grown ups and children stared with surprise and delight.

Beirut Chants

I only knew about Beirut Chants later in December, and made it for their final performance right before Christmas day. For every day in December, different groups perform throughout Beirut in preparation for Christmas.

It's free of charge, and the performance I attended was incredibly inspiring. It touched my heart.

Many more towns in Lebanon celebrate Christmas in creative ways, and hopefully I'll have more time to visit a few more this year. Merry Christmas!

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