Snowing in Akkar

Mystical Winter

Reaching the highlands of Akkar is a long 3-hour drive. That's because Akkar is at the extreme north, and heading to the mountains requires passing through the whole plain of fields

The view we saw of the mountains while we were on the plain was now reversed

We reached the reserve at 3pm, so we didn't have much time. But we still wore our snowshoes and hiked upwards

The variety of trees there is incredible, including my personal favorites, cedars and junipers.

Many mountains ahead of us were calling for exploration

I had just gotten my macro lens and wanted to capture how snow holds onto plants

I saw an interesting cedar in the distance and strayed off trail to reach it

It was the most impressive tree I've seen, stretching horizontally with powerful branches that held firmly even with snow stacked on top

The day approached its end, so we headed to Chambouq, a town close to the reserve

We slept at Haikal, who produces the yummiest dairy products, and now offers lodging

The next day, I woke up to this view from Chambouq. Nature was getting ready to snow

We headed to the same reserve to experience it under snowing conditions

Hiking around the trees while it was snowing was very unique

Eventually the snow fall became intense - we started feeling cold and snow was hitting our face. It still felt so good

While driving back home, I spotted the clouds trying to break through the forest. And that was the end of an exploratory weekend in Akkar

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