Mount Sannine

Mystical Winter

The road to Sannine is a very pleasant drive, and passes through inspiring towns and valleys.

Mount Sannine is a national landmark, largely because its majestic presence can be seen from Beirut and most of the surrounding coast.

We didn't have snowshoes but insisted on hiking up the mountain.

Soon we were able to realize our insignificance considering the largeness of the scene.

Mount Sannine is arid and deserted. It's brown in the summer, and white in winter.

This is my friend Hala trying to keep balance and follow the way without sliding downwards.

Using my telephoto lens, I zoomed in on parts of the scene in front of me, like the road leading to where we are.

While there's not much life up on Sannine, I was still able to take advantage of plants that survive up there.

On the way back down, we stumbled upon a small man-made pond engraved in the snow. If only it was a hot jacuzzi!

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