Arriving late to Arz

Mystical Winter

Arz, also known as Cedars, is a perfect family getaway because of the pleasant 2-hour drive, gorgeous scenery and enjoyable town.

A family getaway also means there's delays, so we left Beirut long after the planned time, and arrived to Arz in the late afternoon.

We passed by a huge ice fall due to a water pipe leaking from the top of a tree. Perhaps someone left it on purpose.

The town of Becharre, right before Arz, started to unfold as we drove towards it.

There was no time for a hike, so we continued straight to Arz and walked along the main street.

With a little curiosity and mazing through side streets, we reached a godly view that clearly delineated Qadisha valley, and Becharre town on the edge of the valley.

Zooming in closer on Becharre, the charm of this small town shines.

A couple insisted practicing with their snowboards on a small hill, even when it got late.

Sunsets in higher altitudes are very different from those on the coast, since the position of the sun relative to the sea varies.

The nightclub in Arz maintains an outdoor bar for the folks who really appreciate the snow season.

That day, the cloud formations drew a thick line along the setting sun, releasing broad shades of orange and even red.

Later in the night, we drove to the higher lands of Arz, where there's no houses - only ski slopes.

The cloudy night cancelled my original plan of observing the stars, but the dominating mountains getting embraced with clouds was just as breathtaking.

The size of mountains in Arz is overwhelming, especially at night. After all, these are the mountains leading to the highest point in the Middle East.

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