West Iceland & Reykjavik


Days 10 and 11: We woke up in Melanes, a golden beach in the Westfjords. A very long drive was ahead of us, since we had to return the motorhome in Reykjavik early the following day.

We drove straight until Glymur, a path that leads to Iceland's highest waterfall.

Reaching the waterfall requires passing a river, and the log to pass it is installed in late Spring when the water level is lower. We weren't sure it would be there, but the trail itself is known to be worth the hike.

We hiked onwards until we reached the river.

A large dark cave gave way to the river.

The log was there! But it was still laborious for my parents to cross, so we stopped there.

We hiked back to the motorhome. The colorful flowers all along the way were a rewarding sight.

That's Karim and mom energetically walking around.

The next day, after returning the motorhome, we walked around Reykjavik. This is Harpa Concert Hall, a famous architectural piece that uses lava in the construction material.

After some shopping, we visited Hallgrimskirkja, a uniquely designed church with a huge, beautiful organ. Reykjavik is a charming city, and it was wonderful to end our Iceland trip by walking around it.

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