South East Iceland


Day 5: We woke up, and from Skaftafell Camping hiked upwards to reach Svartifoss waterfall.

Svartifoss is famous for the columns of rocks around the waterfall. It's incredible that nature designed the rocks as such. Many architectural feats around Iceland are inspired by this design.

Iceland is often cloudy, but that doesn't disappoint. The clouds disperse the light, allowing nature to show its true colors. And since the visibility is less, we're forced to appreciate nearby surroundings.

Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon was our next stop. It's a large glacial lake, where ice from Vatnajökull glacier breaks into icebergs, which float across the lake, and head out into the ocean.

Jökulsárlón lagoon is one of the most popular spots in Iceland for obvious reasons: the lake hosts these fresh icebergs, and there's a stop on the other side of the road to see these icebergs dispatch into the ocean.

With my zoom lens and some dehazing, I managed to capture an iceberg in the lake, with the glacier in the far back.

It was extremely windy, so we couldn't sit for long and appreciate the rare phenomena around us.

We then drove straight to Vestrahorn, a popular set of mountains. These photogenic family of abandoned houses were along the way.

It was cold, windy, and raining in Vestrahorn. I truly appreciated this Icelandic horse, unmoved by the harsh weather.

The mountains around Vestrahorn took over our sights. Notice the flatness of the incline followed by random peaks.

Before heading to Iceland, I was wondering how to deal with the varying weather everyone talks about. But I concluded that it doesn't matter - whatever the weather, Iceland will offer you a sight that no other weather will.

Based on the sea level at the time, stretches of quick sand surrounded us, ready to swallow the first footstep.

The weather was too harsh for my parents to handle a full hike, so we just walked around a little. The cloudy weather made the scene mystical.

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