Iceland Ring Road by Motorhome


Iceland Day 2: we picked up our motorhome, packed some grocery, and headed straight to Iceland's famous Ring Road. Our first stop was at the waterfall Seljalandsfoss.

What makes Seljalandsfoss unique is there's a tight trail that goes right behind the waterfall.

As much as the idea sounds touristy, going behind the waterfall was such an immersive way to experience the grand power of the waterfall.

Re-entering the motorhome really felt like home, with the fridge packed with snacks and fresh drinks, and a warm bed to relax when needed.

Then we headed Seljavallalaug, a hot pool that requires a small hike to reach. The idea of having to hike to dip inside the pool made it so attractive.

The trail itself is beautiful, going inside a valley and a river by the side.

And there was Seljavallalaug pool, one of the oldest in Iceland.

This is Karim enjoying his time in naturally hot geothermal water.

We weren't alone, but it was not crowded either. The vibes were nice and calm.

My parents enjoyed the pool, but were hoping for proper lockers to change. As for me, it was my first dip in a geothermal pool while it's cold outside - amazing!

Then we hiked back to the motorhome. How common is it to see boiling water passing through the trail casually?

Or having to pass a broken bridge over a freezing cold river?

This is the trail as we headed back to the motorhome late in the day.

The beautiful sight stood out: converging mountains covered by snow and flowing rivers, overlooked by a small house.

As we arrived to the motorhome, my family had a chat with 2 Icelandic men who just came back from a trip to the glaciers.

Next stop: Skógafoss, an impressively tall and wide waterfall.

Dad took this stunning photo showing the grandiosity of the falls as I stood under them.

The highlight of Skógafoss is a trail that goes to the very top of the waterfall.

The view from the top is dominated by greens and blues, a very relaxing combination.

My parents were tired but insisted on hiking to the very top, and standing on the platform overlooking the waterfall.

For obvious reasons, the top view doesn't reveal how powerful the waterfall is, but the heavy river leading to the waterfall is a sufficient hint.

It was bedtime, even though the sun doesn't agree.

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