North East Iceland


Day 6: the drive early in the morning was long. We wanted to head straight into the north eastern side of Iceland. Along the way, baby sheep and their mothers played around.

The mountains surrounding us waved good morning.

And the Icelandic horses were having a synced breakfast.

Finally, we started approaching Seydisfjordur, the most picturesque eastern fjord.

After a long drive, we arrived to the town of Seydisfjordur, nestled in the bay of the fjord.

The town is known to be one of the most charming in Iceland. It's not hard to agree when the houses are cute, and there's a waterfall reigning.

Wooden chairs and a table lay in a grassy area next to the port. It's worth spending time to discover Seydisfjordur.

This red house, whose land is covered with bright green grass, and a backdrop composed of snow-capped mountains, make a sunny day much richer.

After a few hours, we drove back up, and I captured this frame that clearly locates Seydisfjordur town within the fjord.

There was a lot of driving that day, but when the roads maze through glamorous landscapes, there's no room for complaints.

We found this broken wooden chair along the way, and it overlooks an incredible volcanic mountain that's still partially covered with snow. The clouds in Iceland always make sure the scenes look dramatic.

I shot this frame showing our motorhome parked in the middle of black sand dunes. Iceland provides ample tranquility.

Our next stop was Dettifoss waterfall. A small trail goes through a large deserted canyon to reach the waterfall.

One path goes to a point that overlooks the waterfall from afar, while the other goes down near it.

Dettifoss is known to be Europe's most powerful waterfall.

Sunset was approaching, and with a rich pattern of clouds, we were in for a treat.

By now, the volcanic mountain became saturated with orange hues.

We drove straight to the mid-northern side of Iceland, to spend the next day exploring Myvatn, one of the most geologically rich areas in Iceland.

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