Iceland's Golden Circle


First 2 days: We arrived to Iceland, picked up a rental car, and headed straight to Krýsuvík, a geothermal area not far from the airport.

‍Iceland is famous for its geothermal features, so visiting one upon arrival got us into the right Icelandic mood.

The weather was partially cloudy, making for a warm, picturesque arrival.

Karim and I hiked the trail up the hill, and the strange terrain I saw in photos was right there - earthly colors, blending together harmoniously.

We then slept at Reykjavik, and the next day visited parts of the Golden Circle, starting with Þingvellir national park.

A pleasant trail goes through this geologically rich area.

The crest of the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates lies in the park.

Visitors can rent a dry suit and swim between the plates. The water is incredibly clear.

We visited Iceland towards the end of May, so the mountains were still capped with snow.

The colors of Iceland's earth impress.

Lunch took place at Fridheimar Farm, the biggest tomato supplier in Iceland.

We had tomato soup, and tomato-based pizza and pasta.

Icelandic horses surrounded the farm.

It was the first time I get to see them up close.

Gullfoss Falls, the famous waterfall on the Golden Circle, was next. An overarching rainbow welcomed us.

The waterfall happens inside a thin valley, making visitors hunt for the beautiful sight.

I took this portrait of Karim, my brother, with the falls and rainbow behind him.

After the falls, we searched for Hrunalaug, a small hidden hot spring. We managed to find it, and I loved it, but it was a bit small for 4 people.

We then headed back to Reykjavik, to get ready for our motorhome trip.

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