Under tree shades in Ehmej

Boundless Summer

It was the first time I take a handful of colleagues to hike. We went to Ehmej (اهمج), in the mountains of Byblos.

The hike starts with Qornet el Raheb, a large rock with a trail that goes to the top, and a nice view to absorb.

What's special in that trail is walking within fluffy plains surrounded by green hills, then climbing one hill to reach another fluffy plain. We did that around 3 times.

The summer heat can be harsh, so the heavy trees provided shade most of the times, especially when hiking uphill.

Finally, we reached a large stretch of rock with a lovely panoramic view. The team was tired by this point, so we spent an hour relaxing and enjoying the scene.

While relaxing, Ahmad discovered this strange looking creature. I setup my macro lens and realized it was smiling!

We then descended our way back to the starting point.

At this point, the strong sunlight that was beaming on the plains became a smooth sunset.

Aziz, our web lead at Anghami, insisted taking a photo of me. I walked further ahead and he took this nice shot!

I often bump into herds, but it was the first time I see a man with his wife herding together. And their puppy shepherd dog :)

Once the sun set, vibrant colors from the trees and neighboring towns were revealed.

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