Tannourine summit camping

Boundless Summer

After Chekka, we headed to Tannourine Summit Rush, a food and camping event by Souk el Akel. We stopped on the way to capture the sunset colors.

I managed to take some nice portrait shots, although I generally focus on landscape photography more. This is Sandy, one of our talented designers at Anghami.

And this is Sabine, a diligent saleswoman.

After a long drive to Tannourine, followed by a 1-hour bus ride on a barely defined road, we arrived to a very remote area, yet it was very lively with music, food, and people. And walking away from the lights, the stars showed.

We climbed a rock and spent the rest of the evening gazing at the stars, and were lucky to see several shooting stars.

With a large event like this, it was bound to be noisy all night long. We still managed to get some sleep, and enjoy an early morning in the freshness of Tannourine.

We finally got to see the area during daytime.

It's quite impressive to be at such a remote place, yet be able to choose a kiosk and order a yummy breakfast.

To close our weekend, we relaxed at O-Glacee, a beach in Batroun that has a pool with naturally flowing water that's freezing cold. The water flows directly into the sea, making parts of the sea water cold as well.

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