Forests, karstic rocks, and heritage in Jabal Moussa

Boundless Summer

My parents were insisting on a worthwhile hike, so I took them to Jabal Moussa, just 30 minutes away from Jeita Grotto.

The Roman stairs cross Jabal Moussa from Mchati to Qehmez. It's long and strictly upwards, and I was proud my parents were able to complete it.

The biosphere reserve is impressive with its forests, karstic rocks, and cultural heritage. Notice the well's entrance at the center, surrounded by the rocks.

A bee was taking its time working out this flower, so I took a nice video of the process.

At this point my parents started asking how much time remains to complete the hike, especially since the difficult ascent at the beginning was tiring.

While for the most part the remaining trail was flat, there was still an hour needed to reach the top of Hadrian's incline, and perhaps an hour to hike it down back to the car.

The sunset was approaching, with the weather cooling off and the natural colors saturating.

It's thrilling to know that this whole natural area is really a short ride from Beirut, and doesn't even pass through the traffic in Jounieh.

Hadrian's incline is a steep one, and while we were only descending, it still needed focus and attention.

By the time we reached the end, the sun had already set. My parents were exhausted, but they were extremely satisifed to have made it all the way.

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