Salt beds of Chekka

Boundless Summer

A large group of colleagues from Anghami joined me for a weekend in Chekka and Tannourine.

I had seen a nice spot in Chekka from afar, and decided to go explore it together. I wasn't very confident since it was a large group and I haven't been. But that didn't matter.

Interestingly, more women joined than men, considering we're going camping. Looks like the women of Anghami are more adventurous!

The disused railway passes through this tunnel. I would've liked entering it, but the bushes were too high to reach it.

The team found it difficult to reach the sea side, considering there was some climbing rather than an obvious trail.

But once we reached, everyone enjoyed the tranquilness of the place.

It was very hot, and we were excited to dip in the sea. But the rocks were too high in that area, making the sea ever so close but not accessible.

Even though we couldn't dip, exploring that hidden part of Chekka was very satisfying.

There were many beautiful salt bed formations, and I wish I had a bag to pack some fresh untouched seasalt.

Walking towards the edge, we saw the entrance to a sea cave.

After spending a delightful time under the sun, it was time to go to the other side of Chekka, where we can reach the sea.

With the hot hike out of the way, we finally went down to the sea. The waves were strong, but we still managed to dip in the water.

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