Falls of Kfarhelda

Boundless Summer

We parked next to the Shallal restaurant in Boustane al Assi, and headed onto a footpath that goes to the bottom of the waterfall.

On the way, we passed by a shower of water falling through the leaves.

Then we passed another mesmerizing shower, while hearing the sounds of the larger waterfall further ahead.

And there it was. A very tall and magnificent waterfall, and the Joz river extending from it. Even though it was July, the Kfarhelda fall is supposedly much stronger, but the farmers were using a portion of the water for irrigation.

The river flow led to another waterfall, which we could see from the top. There was no trail in sight, so we had to climb our way down to it.

While shorter than the main fall, this one had a protruding rock, resulting in a very elegant flow of water.

The river bed was slippery, but we still managed to dip our feet in the refreshing water.

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