Jerd Hermel's remoteness

Inspiring Autumn

My cousin Farah and I woke up early before sunrise in Lazzab Club, while my friends remained asleep.

We witnessed the golden sunshine coming from Syria, and creating a silhouette on the Anti-Lebanon mountains.

Farah was silent, peaceful, and observant. A bed of clouds was covering Beqaa valley.

The sun started shining hues of red on the higher hills.

And finally, it lay its eyes on us.

The colors at this early time of day are incredible. But what's more inspiring is the calmness.

As the owner went to prepare breakfast, I took the opportunity to walk through the kitchen and its intricate elements.

A few hours later, we were having breakfast in the main living room. The fresh breeze of autumn was present.

Goat cheese was being prepared outside on the terrace.

Juniper trees near the ecolodge have very diverse textures.

After a short hike, we drove down to Hermel and rafted in Assi river, followed by  lunch. Salmon trout grows in Assi river, guaranteeing a yummy meal.

We rested by the grassy area next to the river before a long drive back home.

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