Fog hiking in Danniyeh

Inspiring Autumn

The highland of Danniyeh is one of the most beautiful in Lebanon, and the least explored.

Lazzab Dannieh is a nature reserve that is so unknown, that even locals are unaware of it.

The fog was very heavy during our hike, giving a sense of mysticism, especially since the area is so remote.

Lazzab (Juniper) trees are dispersed throughout the reserve, and trails pass through several cedar forests.

After a long and strenuous hike, we headed back to our cars.

We then drove further upwards to reach our ecolodge in Beqaa valley. At this point the fog was beneath us.

We finally reached Lazzab Club, a beautiful ecolodge set in the remote parts of Hermel (Jroud Hermel). Electricity doesn't reach this area, hence solar panels are used to generate power.

We were so lucky to witness an incredible sunset behind the mountains. The rays of sun were shining through the clouds. Even the owner of the ecolodge brought his camera to capture the phenomenal scene.

The sun appeared briefly within the clouds, as it showed behind the mountain of Qornet el Sawda, the highest peak in Lebanon.

The rooms of the ecolodge are beautifully simple, constructed with basic material.

The whole of us spent the evening laying on the ground, heads up towards the sky. It was one of my starriest nights.

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