From Akkar's Qobayat to Aazer

Inspiring Autumn

Akkar is in the extreme north of Lebanon, and Qobayat is a beautiful town in the highlands of Akkar. After a long 2+ hour drive to Qobayat, we went straight to Morghan, a Lebanese restaurant overlooking the valley of Akkar.

We walked around the area, checked into the guesthouse, and completed a small section from the Lebanon Mountain Trail (I forgot my camera at the guest house here, so I couldn't capture the tranquility).

As the day ended, we drove to Akkar el Atiqa, and walked along a lovely trail.

The clouds engulfed the towns beneath us.

The next morning

I woke up early and sat on the balcony of our room.

Since my friends were still asleep, I eventually left the guesthouse and walked around.

After breakfast, we drove on the mountain road that extends from Qobayat to the other end of Akkar, to the Qammouaa plain.

It's a beautiful drive on a mostly empty road, as we played Greek radio that was broadcasting from nearby Cyprus! That's because we were at a high altitude, and there was only emptiness between Cyprus and us.

We finally reached the Azer forest. It's one of very few forests that completely turns yellow in autumn due to the lack of evergreens.

We walked around the tall trees. It was early in autumn, so many Azer trees were still green.

After a pleasant walk, we departed for our long drive back to Beirut.

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