In the clouds of Tannourine

Inspiring Autumn

Tannourine is a set of mountains high above Batroun, and is a favorite of mine. We arrived late in the afternoon, and headed straight to the arid mountains.

Although Tannourine is famous for its gorgeous forest, the diverse stretches of arid mountains are also worth exploring.

During the fall season, clouds are often at our level as we hike in Tannourine.

The clouds showed off their wonderful colors as the sun started to leave.

The natural reserve of Tannourine was hidden, but started giving way.

The cedars inside the reserve held onto the fog so they can stay moist.

Afterwards we checked into Eco Dalida guesthouse, directly facing the reserve. We dropped our bags and had a walk under the stars.

After breakfast the next day, we headed to Tannourine Nature Reserve, whose entrance is right next to Eco Dalida.

The long trail winds through dense old trees and reaches a cliff overlooking majestic views.

Many species of cedars grow inside, with varying shape and height.

The second part of the trail is rich with other kinds of plants, so the yellows and reds of autumn dominate.

As we completed the looping trail, we passed through this beautiful red corridor.

As the day progressed, clouds started coming in again.

The trail in Tannourine tells a beautiful story of forests, views, and autumn.

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