Colors of Horsh Ehden

Inspiring Autumn

On a warm November day, Haig and I went on a day trip to Horsh Ehden, one of the most biodiverse and well protected reserves in Lebanon.

Because of the forest's biodiversity, each tree experiences autumn in a different way.

Cedars hang on to to their green foliage, while others turn red and yellow.

The sun shines through the dense trees.

This huge trunk is characteristic of Horsh Ehden. Trees that fall dead are left in place, so that it decomposes and continues its cycle.

Frost covers fallen leaves and retains their colors.

Yellow leaves on the ground follow hikers throughout the trail.

Other parts of Horsh Ehden behave as if it's a normal summer day by retaining all their green.

Observing the leaves of Horsh Ehden is a fun exploration during this time.

Before heading back home, we stopped by Saydet el Hosn church (Lady of the Fortress).

The church is renowned for views that stretch over towns and mountains.

On the other side of Saydet el Hosn, arid mountains show off their curves.

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