Grand Mosques of Cairo


My friend Eyad had told me the Mosque of Ibn Tulun was his favorite in Cairo, so it was high on my list.

The mosque felt magnificent and welcoming through its large entrance.

The architectural concept is simple: layers of arches that trace a square. Executed on such a large space, walking throughout the mosque felt very relaxing.

One arch lay after the other, with hanging lanterns along the way. Based on which side, the sun rays hit differently.

I loved experimenting through the layers of arches.

The depth of layers is what I loved most about Ibn Tulun.

Afterwards, I headed to the Mosque of Muhammad Ali.

This mosque is unique with its array of lights and immense ceiling.

A door from the main mosque leads to an outdoor courtyard.

Mohammad asked me to take a picture of him laying on the ground - he's such a good scene maker!

Then Muhammad took a photo of me overlooking the city, with the pyramids standing out.

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