A day in Cairo


The day started in El Azhar Park, a privately owned park that's also Cairo's biggest.

It's lovely to walk around the park, visit the lake, and grab a quick bite from the kiosks.

Afterwards, I took the metro to Old Cairo and visited the famous Hanging Church.

The interior of the church is intricate, and the calm atmosphere added to the spirituality of the place.

I took advantage of less traffic during work hours, and ordered an Uber straight to Embaba bridge.

The steel construction makes Embaba the city's most picturesque bridge. It's also the only bridge with a railway, and seeing the freight trains pass through the steel structure made me feel melancholic.

It was time for a filling snack, and Qonbelet El Karnak was the perfect choice. El Karnak designated the term "Qonbela" (bomb) to indicate a flavorful mix of fresh fruit and cream. Although it's situated in a modest place, the Qonbela they offer is unbeatable.

As the night arrived, I walked around random streets. This flower shop caught my attention.

Cairo is a bustling city, but it's always possible to find a serene spot.

And once I was ready for some action, I went to the historical Khan el Khalili, a phenomenal neighborhood, especially at night.

It's midnight, but the library still invites visitors to acquire knowledge.

Ancient and imposing mosques are artfully lit, making for a visual feast.

A tiny video game shop is filled with slouching teenagers.

The scent of hookahs emanate from packed cafes.

Yet another small shop offers all types of junk.

A gentleman from Khan el Khalili invited me to explore his workshop.

In a hidden corner, Kalawoon hospital boasts its age, since 1285AD.

Khan el Khalili is famous for this beautiful sight of lanterns. I couldn't help being just another tourist who captures this mesmerizing frame.

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