Breathtaking vista from Cairo Tower


On a warm late afternoon, I decided to finally go up Cairo Tower, located on Zamalek, an island in the Nile.

Tower attractions haven't usually satisfied me in most cities, due to glass or fence enclosures restricting the view. That's not the case in Cairo Tower, which offers a truly outdoor balcony to get inspired.

The bridges of the Nile, dense buildings across the river, and diversity of neighborhood structures make for an exceptional city vista.

The unrestricted balcony invites visitors to look down and discover what's happening all over Cairo.

The city is exposed from up high.

Although not known for its parks, Cairo discloses large patches of green.

Surprisingly, the tower is not a tourist trap. It was mostly locals ending their day on top of the city.

It's clear how Zamalek splits the Nile into two.

High-rises can be compared by shape and height.

Layers of the megacity city unfold.

Even from the peak, Cairene traffic is inescapable.

Life down there is rich. I caught these two ladies having a chat inside a beautiful fountain garden.

Children are being coached for a basketball game.

The sun has set, and the city is preparing itself for a long lively night, just like every night in Cairo.

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