Cairo's hidden cave church


The ride to Saint Simon the Tanner (Mar Semaan) requires passing through Mancheya Nasir.

Mancheya Nasir is one of the poorest neighborhoods, where residents make a living by collecting garbage.

Throughout the neighborhood, garbage reigns. Strangely, however, people seem to be living a normal life.

Cafes and shops exist just like they would in any other neighborhood. And that was a defining point for what Cairo is. The people of Cairo love to live.

Although I didn't focus properly on the girl's face, her serene expression is crystal clear.

Wherever I looked, there was garbage. And people on their smartphones.

Finally, after arriving to the very top, a huge cave appeared. And nestled within it, the gorgeous church of St Simon.

The church creates a beautiful fusion between natural phenomena, construction, and belief.

We walked throughout the church like curious children, and managed to speak with the priest.

The interior of the church maintains the rocky mood.

Outside the church, the sun was preparing to set over the city of contrasts.

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