Doueir in the South

Spring Hikes

Ahmad invited me to his hometown to explore the green hills. Doueir is a town in Southern Lebanon.

Naturally, breakfast starts with scrambled eggs with fatty samneh, beans, and tea followed by arabic coffee.

Then we walked up the hill from his house, and admired the morning sun rays showering spring's flowers.

It was a very pleasant walk up and down the soft green hills.

Ants were hard at work collecting food.

I attached my macro lens to see what's going on in the small world.

Nearby, farmers were cultivating tobacco. The owner did not accept selling us some fresh tobacco as it's illegal.

One man is hired to drill water holes, while women plant the seeds. The man earns more than the women.

On the way back to Beirut, we passed by Adloun. It's a beach town known for prehistoric caves. Tools from paleolithic humans were found in the caves and are on display in various museums.

I was told that some caves on the sea were destroyed due to a port's construction. the others were fenced to prevent people from barbecuing inside.

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